‘The L Word Generation Q’ S2E7 Recap: “Should we now have some h2o?”

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The L Word Generation Q


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Introducing my regular summary of month 2 of

The L Keyword Generation Q

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Period 2, Episode 7: Light


their few days, I kicked straight back with some potato snacks and something of my personal BFFs, wanting to prevent the doom of it simply by escaping to the world of rich Los Angeles queers.

And, really, this event actually performed offer some reprieve from monotony of lockdown. At minimum, it gave me something enjoyable to be crazy about.

This whole occurrence was pivoted around still another casino poker evening. What is going on with all of this casino poker crap?

This specific poker night is meant getting a fundraiser for anything. I missed just what, just, because at this time I was smashing crunchy potato treasures.

Even so they had a ‘silent auction’, therefore I could surmise it absolutely was some wealthy individuals thing.


the guy reveal yet again drew on certain original L term tropes insurance firms liquid themes throughout the event whenever individuals were about to get down.

Inside episode, Shane and Tess spend entire occurrence getting pretty and couple-y and, whenever they ultimately write out, it is raining. Gigi and Dani also spend occurrence flirting, following they, too, kiss in the torrential rain.

In addition, when Jordi requires Angie towards prom, she does so through the thing I can simply think is a few fancy United states routine which involves by herself and many of the woman buddies dancing in a water fountain with umbrellas.

This was pretty, but sorts of external my personal social comprehension. I really couldn’t consider anything worse than some one achieving this in my situation. No embarrassment if it’s your thing, however. It must be also Angie’s, because she claims indeed.

There clearly was just… much drinking water. Therefore the h2o thing has always been significantly hilarious for me.

Like, yes, we obtain it: W. E. T.


inley and Sophie provide us with some more drama this event.

It starts together with the two of them having a sex fest. Fundamentally they stop to muse about whether they should just take a break, inquiring “Should we’ve got some drinking water or some meals?” Relatable.

For the other countries in the occurrence, Finley has many insecurities around not-being sufficient for Sophie in light of Dani getting so rich and glamorous. Sophie attempts to guarantee Finley, but she’s demonstrably however striving.

I mean, I have this. In case the gf’s ex was actually some billionaire, and also you were still trying to figure out exactly what work you find attractive following, it will be confronting.

Nevertheless, Finley appears to be truly enjoying mentoring football. And I have to say, she appears extremely attractive in this uniform. Never feel detrimental to not-being rich, Finley!

In any event, Alice catches them screwing again from the studio, which is significant humiliating, so then they go off to join the casino poker evening.

They’ve been getting attractive together but, in all honesty, we nevertheless never look at biochemistry between them. I believe they were much better as pals, but any.

Later on, when Sophie and Finley allow the celebration, Finley takes a truly clear swig from a hip flask before she begins driving all of them home. Because the authorship is so subtle, we’re of course entirely surprised when she actually is promptly stopped by police for a breath examination.

What will take place then?!


should rant regarding the depiction of alcoholic drinks on this subject program because, yet again, the writers make a divorce between ‘good consuming’ and ‘bad consuming’.

Great sipping is actually attractive; something wealthy individuals can seemingly carry out with little consequence. Terrible consuming is a thing that working-class individuals like Tess and Finley would.

Needless to say, Tess is now in AA, basically great whether or not it works for you. But it is this type of an overused story in American shows it’s tough to not ever notice it as an easy way the show prevents engaging aided by the subject much more significantly. There are still just ‘good drinkers’ and ‘bad drinkers’.

Thus of course, contained in this narrative, it is Finley that is stopped for drink driving. She has


. Alcohol businesses must like it when shows such as this support market the idea that a problem with liquor is much more to do with the person as compared to substance alone, because they are blameless.

Have a look, there are times I’ve been a huge drinker and occasions I’ve been sober. I have no judgement towards individuals who drink. My criticism is the fact that alcoholic beverages industry is awful, and this actually greatly targets our very own communities.

There’s an entire selection explanations why we’ve most drinking inside our communities, maybe not the very least of all because, over the years, the sole locations we can easily discover one another was actually bars. This is why i do believe we have to end up being extremely important of how programs engage and depict alcoholic drinks.

Plotlines in Gen Q consistently rotate around alcoholic beverages; the main ‘trendy’ hang-out area, Dana’s,

is a bar

. Yet the wider implications within this and its particular connection to ‘bad drinkers’ like Finley should never be discovered.

Anyhow, i’ll end ranting concerning this… for the present time. But whether you drink or you never, we must all be seriously sceptical of Big Alcohol as well as how it attempts to promote you photos of attractive consumption while attempting to write off situations of harmful intake as personal moral failings.


o, onto Carrie. This lady has got this type of a fascinating narrative arc within tv series thus far, and my friends and I also happen debating all of it weekend.

Shane is actually falling Tess at AA prior to the poker evening, and she sees Carrie walking into the building. Later Shane views Carrie once more, this time around at the poker evening.

Carrie’s seated from the bar, sans Tina, so Shane explains to inquire about Carrie about the woman drinking. Carrie openly tells Shane that she isn’t in AA. As an alternative, she is in a support group if you have disordered eating. She actually is had it in check up until now, just what could it be that is ready the girl off? Tina’s group of “beautiful” friends and, particularly, Bette.

That is among rawest times we have had thus far, and I also yourself loved this plot point. Most of us have stepped into a queer area and believed acutely omitted or like a loser. It sucks, but it’s true. Carrie sets words as to what plenty of us have actually considered.

For Carrie, this sense of being inadequate, to be a loser, expands because of the group of pals their spouse has. We come across this afterwards into the occurrence when she covers to try to state hello to Bette, and Bette is absolutely brutal to the lady in exchange. Bette is really a bully that she requires satisfaction in viewing Carrie shrink away.

The event with Bette causes Carrie to spiral further, to the stage where she cries about bad these individuals make the girl feel and Shane and Tess have to take the woman house. Whenever Carrie stumbles around, she’s a realisation: she cannot wed Tina.


actually think she shouldn’t marry Tina.

In this case, Bette is actually dreadful, but Tina is a large problem. She is maybe not encouraging Carrie. Through the woman passivity and inaction, she ultimately ends up condoning Bette’s remedy for Carrie while offering some platitudes of them “all getting a household”.

This is exactly

maybe not

exactly what queer family members will want to look like.

If Tina would like to end up being with Carrie, she needs to have really tight borders with Bette. If she can’t, then she needs to finish it with Carrie. Getting your spouse spiral into destructive behaviour since your ex is managing all of them so terribly, and performing absolutely nothing about this, is similar to the worst connection behaviour. Fare better, Tina.

(truly, I should have Micah’s work, must not I?)

Since we are talking about Bette: she eventually ends up convincing the artist Pippa Pascal to sign together gallery, then your two of all of them head out to commemorate from the poker evening.

It felt actually off fictional character that these types of a significant musician would choose an elegant poker evening, but alright.

After the night time, Bette and Pippa become setting up. This gender scene was, undoubtedly, really hot, but I’m so upset at Bette on her behaviour that i can not really be pleased with anything good she really does.

Regardless if it requires neon lit sex.


inally, Alice is connecting with Nat for the episode, and it also leads to all of them having another break-up.

We dunno, mates. Can we have a far more interesting plotline for Alice at some point?

Though the woman one-liner “Stay homosexual and say no to patchouli” had been *chef’s kiss*.

Also to be honest, best minute in episode ended up being when Alice and Bette went out to meal collectively and watched Gigi and Nat at another dining table.

Damn, this scene reminded me personally in the classic times from the earth. They can be gossiping and breaking homosexual laughs, also it helped me want to visit a café for a soy latte and a goss

so bad


Bette and Alice are dealing with exactly how Gigi is actually Bette’s ex,  Nat is Alice’s ex, Nat and Gigi are exes, Bette and Alice tend to be exes and, actually, Alice and Gigi tend to be exes also. This realisation prompts Bette to say “That’s very gay,” and I’m like yes, Bette, it’s very homosexual.

If only the tv series – and my entire life – may have a lot more gay views inside such as this.

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