Steel Frame Snowmobile – You Don’t Know How Dangerous This Project is

Steel Frame Snowmobile - You Don't Know How Dangerous This Project is

China’s Steel Frame Snowmobile entered the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics for the first time! We can’t overlook this capacity. The Winter Olympics incorporate more than a dozen sports. Among the many Winter Olympic sports, there is one game called speed and energy – “Snowmobile”.

But You Don’t Know How Dangerous This Project is?

The competitor needs to balance on the head, knees, feet and other parts of the body and coordinate with one another, and then navigate 16 corners at high speed on the lofty track, including a 360-degree slalom.

What is even more astonishing is that the Steel Frame Snowmobile has no controlling gear and braking gadget, and must be changed by the body. The maximum velocity is 134 km/h, and the shortest time will be the champion.

A steel frame sledge with a lead-weighted skeleton at the base and two fixed cylindrical steel blades. The vehicle body is furnished with a handle, which is utilized by the competitor to push the snowmobile while beginning and assists the competitor with balancing out the body in the hull.

It’s completely a visual banquet, loaded with punch and challenge.

You should know that the snowmobile is a dangerous sports event that started in North America, and it was not the official event of the Winter Olympics until 2002. However, it is still a new challenge and risky project for China.

The Fast-Paced Steel Frame Snowmobile Project Introduction

The Fast-Paced Steel Frame Snowmobile Project Introduction

In the major events set by the Winter Olympics, the snowmobile is classified as “F1 on Ice”. As the name proposes, the fast speed is the greatest fascination of this old game.

It is said that snowmobile sports are old since they started in Switzerland and have been recorded as a competition event since the first Winter Olympics. However, based on some Past Accidents and even if you are “matured”, the snowmobile is still one of the delegates of speed and passion in the Winter Olympics.

If you often follow F1 and other racing events, you will not be new to “streamlined features”. Generally speaking, it is very important for this sort of contest. The snowmobile body is made of high-tech materials like steel and glass fibre or carbon fibre and is designed as an aerodynamic body composite.

On October 25, the “Meet in Beijing” 2021/2022 International Snowmobile Federation Snowmobile and Steel Framed Snowmobile Time Race authoritatively started at the Yanqing National Snowmobile Sled Center in Beijing. Global rivalries. 240 competitors from 23 nations including Germany, Austria, the United States, Latvia, Canada, and South Korea took an interest in the two-day rivalry.

The snowmobile is outfitted with handles. There are two free sliding steel edges at the lower part of the snowmobile. The helmsman drives the snowmobile through a pulley framework constrained by two handles in the snowmobile. As per the snowmobile contest rules, within 60 seconds of the start sign, the competitors can push the snowmobile to begin running to acquire the initial speed. The driving distance is around 50 meters and then bounces into the car body individually.

The track utilized in the snowmobile contest is equivalent to the sledge and the steel-framed snowmobile and shares a starting point with the steel-framed snowmobile. The track is 1,200 to 1,650 meters in length and has a drop of 100 to 150 meters.

Since the speed is so quick, guaranteeing safety has turned into the priority of the snowmobile race. The first is the brake, which is installed at the back of the snowmobile. Athlete equipment additionally needs to meet the circumstances, for instance, the soles of competition shoes are equally appropriated with brush studs. Furthermore, the rules have prerequisites for the body weight and the weight of the competitors. If the weight is inadequate, the body weight can be weighted.

Is the Steel-Framed Snowmobile Expected to Win the Winter Olympics

Is the Steel-Framed Snowmobile Expected to Win the Winter Olympics?

On 26th November 2021-2022 at the Steel Frame Snowmobile World Cup in Innsbruck, Austria, Chinese player Geng Wenqiang scored 46 points. With an all-out score of sec.04, it was attached with British player Weston and German player Grossel to win the title, and won the first title of China’s steel-framed snowmobile World Cup, making China’s history in this sport.

Geng Wenqiang went to the world from Inner Mongolia, China on September 11, 1995, and was chosen as the commander of the Chinese steel-outlined snow team in 2015. In January 2016, he won the bronze award in the St. Moritz Steel Frame Snowmobile International Invitational Tournament in Switzerland, filling the hole of my country’s awards in this task. In November of that very year, he won the bronze medal again in the German Intercontinental Cup of Snowmobiles.

On January 11, 2020, Geng Wenqiang won the men’s third place in the La Plagne, France World Cup of the International Snowmobile Federation, and addressed China on the World Cup podium for the first time.

On November 26, 2021, in the 2021-2022 Steel Frame Snowmobile World Cup held in Innsbruck, Austria, Geng Wenqiang won the men’s singles title with a total time of 1:46.04. He is the Chinese steel frame, snow team.



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